The Concept 4400 Sport Yacht In Action

Concept Boats sent us more images of the new Concept 4400 Sport Yacht in action and the interior. According to Concept Boats, the Concept 4400 will … [Read more...]

The Hatteras 54 Convertable Features Revolutionary Hull Design

The Hatteras Yachts homepage features details on the Hatteras 54 Convertible. According to Hatteras, the 54’s hull design is truly revolutionary – … [Read more...]

Bertram Yachts and VideoRay Offer ROVs For Boaters

If you have seen images of the wreck of the Titanic, then you are already familar with ROVs(remotely operated vehicles). ROVs can take cameras places underwater … [Read more...]

Alden Yachts 56 Express Is Designed To Be Strong And Quiet

According to Alden Yachts, the 56 Express "is the definitive statement of what a gentleman’s powerboat should be." Because the hull of the 56 Express … [Read more...]

The Dufour 325 By Dufour Yachts

The Dufour Yachts homepage features details on the Dufour 325. According to Dufour Yachts... The new Dufour 325 completes the Dufour range of comfortable … [Read more...]

Monterey Boats 400 Sports Yacht with Volvo IPS

Monterey Boats recently unveiled its largest boat to date for the 2008 model year: the 400 Sport Yacht, powered with Volvo’s revolutionary Inboard Propulsion … [Read more...]

Hatteras 60 Convertible uses new hull technology for lower weight

The Hatteras website features details on the Hatteras 60 Convertible. The 60 Convertible features a mezzanine cockpit, lightweight construction, tumblehome … [Read more...]

The Sabdes 50 – An environmentally conscious Superyacht

The Sabdes 50 Superyacht goes against the 'bigger is more impressive' yacht trend. From the slender 164 foot hull to the hybrid diesel-electric system, … [Read more...]

Carver Boats to expand production and size of Marquis Yachts

The Green Bay Press Gazette reports that Carver Boat Corp. plans a $27 million dollar expansion of the Marquis Yacht division, adding 450 new jobs. The … [Read more...]

Fearless Yachts and Porsche Design Studio boats to be showcased at Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

Fearless Yachts has announced that during the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, Fearless Yachts and The St. Regis in Ft. Lauderdale will showcase … [Read more...]