Summer Contest Winners Go Fishing

Triton Storm 16

Well, Carson and Carter McBride are going fishing. In an aluminum boat. The two boys from Springdale, Ark., were featured in the winning entry of the Tap … [Read more...]

Fishing and Bird-watching in an aluminum boat

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Satellite-Based Fishing Forecasts How Do They Work?

Staff Report From Florida Sport Fishing Whether it’s the latest and greatest high-speed reel, freshest forage, fastest boat or flashiest teaser, it … [Read more...]

Fabulous Fillets – What You Need To Know From The Moment You Unhook To The Moment You Cook Your Catch

By Captain Mike GenounFabulous fillets start long before you begin preparing your favorite seafood dish. Any fresh fish you are not planning on eating … [Read more...]

Breathe – Maximize Your Baitwell’s Efficiency

by Steve Dougherty It was a steamy dawn along the mainland of Mexico as I boarded a rickety panga in hopes of battling the Pacific’s most powerful … [Read more...]

Linesiders Lookout…Anglers Are Virtually Disappearing!

By Captain Mike Genoun Fish the shallows often? Then you, too, know how incredibly spooky sly shallow water predators can be. Snook, redfish, trout, … [Read more...]