Fishing Boats

Racing lobster boats heat up Maine waters

>Lobster boats are not known for their speed on the water, but don't tell that to the lobster boat captains who race their boats in an event described … [Read more...]

Center console boats get bigger

Soundings Online features a story on the new generation of giant center console boats. 26 feet was once considered large for a center console boat. … [Read more...]

Using a bowling pin to catch the big fish

Can use use a bowling pin to catch fish? According to an article on, you can. If you paint and cut a bowling pin the right way, you … [Read more...]

Hit the hot bass fishing spots with Nitro’s 591 performance bass boat

This Nitro 591 performance bass boat was on display from Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World at The 54th Annual Mid-Atlantic Sports and Boat Show. Getting … [Read more...]

Pro bass fisherman Mike Phua wins first place in Anglers Marine Pro-staff tournament

Boat Trader Online would like to extend its congratulations to Mike Phua, who won first place in the Anglers Marine Pro-staff tournament held on Dec. 27th … [Read more...]

Fishing kayaks catch on with anglers

According to a story in The Providence Journal, the fishing kayak becoming a popular watercraft in the waters off New England. Fishing from a kayak? … [Read more...]