Boating Tips

Diesel or Outboard Engine Maintenance

I was aboard a friend’s boat the other day when suddenly his small inboard diesel starting sending up plumes of white exhaust. We looked over the side … [Read more...]

Boat Maintenance Essentials

Think about the freedom and enjoyment you derive from boating, spending care-free time on the water with friends and family for just a moment.  Now take … [Read more...]

How To Enjoy Boating and Save Money

A writer on Soundings Online shares his stories about boating on the cheap and how you can save money while enjoying the water. According to the story, … [Read more...]

A First Step to Boat Safety – How to Write a Float Plan

A float plan is a first step in boating safety that happens before you even leave dry land. It sounds simple: just leave a note telling people where … [Read more...]