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Right-sizing Your Boat

boat right-size

Right-sizing in the corporate world means the elimination of jobs, but in the boating world it merely reflects a smart choice by boat owners matching their … [Read more...]

Relax Afloat, Before You Pull the Boat

Summer boating has its own vibe—groups of friends, rushing off for the vacation, a rendezvous, packing the kids onboard, and, if you’re like me, competitive … [Read more...]

What Were Your Best Boating Memories of 2009?

Now that 2010 is here, we would like to know what your best memories were of 2009. Did you decorate your boat for Christmas? Did you attend a boating … [Read more...]

Marinas create a community of boaters…and sometimes conflict reports on the crowded conditions at marinas along Lake Michigan. As boats pack into spaces, sometimes only eight feet away from … [Read more...]

Birdwatchers use boats to get up close

The features a story from the Associated Press on boaters and bird watching. Birdwatchers are using boats to view bird species that … [Read more...]

Will fuel costs keep boaters drydocked?

The Virginian Pilot in Hampton Roads, Virgina features as story on the effect that rising fuel costs could have on boating. Fuel costs affect not just … [Read more...]

The crushing end of old derelict boats

Just like old cars, old boats go to the scrapyard when their cruising days are over. What happens to old boats when they are junked? A story in the … [Read more...]

Boating with your dog

Families who enjoy boating together can bring their pets along for the ride. If you are planning to take your dog with you on a boating trip, check out … [Read more...]

The “anti-Buffett bill” might restrict boat music volume levels

What kind of music goes with boating? Do you play rock and roll, hip-hop, or do you just like the sound of the engine and the water? If you are boating … [Read more...]

Reliving a life of boating memories has put a video on YouTube called "Good Run - A Boating Story" that has generated quite a reaction. If you are a lifelong boater, … [Read more...]