Boat Maintenance

Inflatable Sliplift By Marine Floatation Products Raises Any Boat

Boats moored in wet slips are exposed to the ravages of bottom fouling and the possibility of sinking. Smaller boats take advantage of stationary lifts, … [Read more...]

Innovative Lighting Sidemarker Lights For Trailers

When hauling a trailer, a simple way to help prevent collisions on the road is to make sure it is highly visible by other drivers. That's easy to accomplish … [Read more...]

How To Break-In Your New Boat Engine

Have you bought a new boat engine for the upcoming boating season? Before starting up your new engine, check out the Mercury Service blog entry on the … [Read more...]

OceanLED turns boating into a light show

LED lights use little power, last for years,and glow brightly in a variety of colors. The versatility of LEDs range from stoplight and taillight bulbs … [Read more...]

CleaRinse Washdown System filters the water you clean your boat with

If you use filtered water to drink, cook, or wash dishes with, why not filter the water that you use to clean that boat you paid so much for? The CleaRinse … [Read more...]

Airberth lifts your boat out of the water for easy service

The AirBerth system allows you to clean and service your boat by lifting it out of the water. Cleaning your boat easier, and it is sure to be an attention … [Read more...]

Six Common Boat Winterizing Mistakes

The Boat US newsroom features a list of the six most common mistakes made when winterizing a boat. Failure to winterize the engine: Freezing temperatures … [Read more...]

Remodeling a boat to use as a second home

The West Linn Tidings feature a story on a couple who bought and remodeled a boat as a home away from home. The couple bought the 42-foot-long Uniflite … [Read more...]

Clean your boat to protect the water against harmful critters

The South Bend Tribune features a story on a request from the The Indiana Department of Natural Resources on keeping your boat clean. Animals, plants, … [Read more...]

Painting and protecting your boat hull features a story on picking the right bottom paint for your boat to protect the hull from underwater growth. Bottom paints differ in … [Read more...]