Boat Fuel

Ethanol’s Worst Enemy

Volvo-Penta's new treatment should be a potent ally in the war against water in marine fuel.

Alcohol has the power to ruin lives if you let it. It also has the power to wreak havoc on a boat’s fuel system. If you need a bit of background, … [Read more...]

How to Get Rid of Bad Boat Fuel

For diesel-powered boats, an inline fuel-polishing module can prevent a lot of woes.

Going through the frustrating process of dealing with bad marine fuel? Be it diesel or gas, you’ll want to know how to start fresh and completely eliminate … [Read more...]

Mercury Marine Prepares Hybrid Boat For Production

Photo Credit: Mercury Marine Trade Only Today reports that Mercury Marine is getting serious about building a production model hybrid boat. According … [Read more...]

Fuel Polishing Module by Parker Energy Systems Keeps Fuel Systems Healthy Year-Round

Parker Energy Systems' new, patent-pending FPM-050 Fuel Polishing Module is designed to remove emulsified water from the system and combat the accumulation … [Read more...]

NMMA Opposes Possible Increase In Ethanol Content Of Fuel reports on the controversy over increasing ethanol content in gasoline and what this change would mean for boat owners. According … [Read more...]