Boat Electronics

Cobra’s All Terrain Radio Allows Communication On Both Land And Sea

From satellite TV to Wi-Fi, boats are now equipped with an array of tech gadgets. Even in the age of the fancy cell phone, Cobra's MR HH425LI VP handheld … [Read more...]

Night Vision System By NVTi Offers Boaters A Clear View Ahead

When navigating at night or keeping watch over a poorly lit area, safety and accuracy are extremely important. With Night Vision Technologies' (NVTi) … [Read more...]

Bertram Yachts and VideoRay Offer ROVs For Boaters

If you have seen images of the wreck of the Titanic, then you are already familar with ROVs(remotely operated vehicles). ROVs can take cameras places underwater … [Read more...]

Raymarine 2008 Fully Loaded Sales Event

As the boating season gears up, this is a great time for buying new marine electronics for your boat. From radios to GPS systems, the latest in high-tech … [Read more...]