Boat Engines and Systems

The MK1: The First Solar Powerboat

The MK1, created by Dutch company Czeers, claims to be the first solar-powered powerboat. With a skin of sun-absorbing solar panels, the MK1 runs smooth … [Read more...]

FNM Marine Diesel Engines To Enter The US Market

The FNM marine diesel engine homepage reports that the Italian engine company is now ready to enter the US market with turbodiesel Common Rail engines. According … [Read more...]

How To Break-In Your New Boat Engine

Have you bought a new boat engine for the upcoming boating season? Before starting up your new engine, check out the Mercury Service blog entry on the … [Read more...]

Mercury Marine Launches 15 hp Pro Kicker FourStroke

Mercury is launching their all-new 15 hp Pro Kicker FourStroke, utilizing a 2.15 gear ratio and four-blade, high-thrust propeller for greater maneuverability … [Read more...]

Mercury Marine Launches OptiMax Jet 80 and Jet 110 Outboard Engines

Mercury Marine recently introduced the OptiMax Jet 80 and OptiMax Jet 110 outboard engines, designed for shallow-water boating. These new engines have … [Read more...]

OceanLED turns boating into a light show

LED lights use little power, last for years,and glow brightly in a variety of colors. The versatility of LEDs range from stoplight and taillight bulbs … [Read more...]

CleaRinse Washdown System filters the water you clean your boat with

If you use filtered water to drink, cook, or wash dishes with, why not filter the water that you use to clean that boat you paid so much for? The CleaRinse … [Read more...]

Mercury’s Fury Propeller – Because every bass boat can be just a little bit faster

To many owners of bass boats, anything that shaves off even a few seconds while speeding to where the fish are is a must have item. Mercury Propellers … [Read more...]

The SPOT satellite messenger goes where cell phones can’t

The SPOT satellite messenger is a simple looking and bright orange device that could save your life in a boating emergency. With a slogan like “Live … [Read more...]

Raymarine’s E-Series Multifunction Navigation System is Now Even More Powerful

The Raymarine homepage features details on the new upgrades for the E-Series Multifunction Navigation System, recently introduced at the Miami International … [Read more...]