A Video Series with Great Angling Lessons: Got Bait?

Lenny Rudow with a favorite lure.

Lenny Rudow with a favorite lure.

Ask anyone who knows Lenny Rudow, a senior editor at boats.com, and they’ll tell you that he’s a fishing nut. Nothing, but nothing, makes him happier than catching fish. He ponders how they live and where they hang out; how to chase them or lie in wait for them, how to outsmart them, how to bait them, lure them, boat them, cook them. He’s written books about all this, including Rudow’s Guide to Fishing the Chesapeake and Rudow’s Guide to Rockfish.

He’s a boating expert too, of course, but to him pretty much any boat can be judged by how it serves his personal fishing mania.

Lenny is also nuts about fishing with his twin teenaged sons, Max and David, and he recently hatched an idea for a video series that involves friendly competition between him, the twins, and various fishing experts. The series is underway now — in each segment the anglers go for a particular type of fish and square off into two teams, one using traditional bait and one using lures. There are good fishing lessons involved, and a lot of fun between old and young, father and son, angler and fish.

On the East Coast, autumn is prime striper time, so here’s an example of Lenny’s series. For the full article, read Got Bait? The Search for Stripers. Also visit the Got Bait playlist on the boats.com YouTube channel.



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