Boat Trader and Offer Dealers Localized Sales Data

Boat Trader and have announced their partnership with Statistical Surveys to provide boat dealers with timely, actionable information on local boat sales.

The partnership provides dealers with localized competitive sales data through the Dealer Analysis Report. Available by subscription only, the Statistical Surveys Dealer Analysis Report gives dealers a detailed snapshot of current sold boats data in the counties in which they compete.

Dealers can choose to receive data from over 14 segments of boats in up to 25 counties. Detailed reports, sorted by length, make, model, and zip code, are delivered on either a monthly or quarterly basis. The sold boats information is based on boat registration data from state departments. While some states provide this data on a monthly basis, others only provide it quarterly.

For monthly Dealer Analysis Reports, the rate for Boat Trader and dealers is $85 per month. For quarterly reports, the rate is $225 per quarter.

Subscriptions to customized Dealer Analysis Reports are available now by contacting the Boat Trader and Account Management teams at 866-982-6287.

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