Lehr 9.9-hp Propane-Powered Outboard

Back in March 2012 we let readers know about 2.5- and 5-hp propane outboards from Lehr, fueled by one-pound camp bottles. There were some serious advantages to consider in terms of fuel price, environmental impact, and ethanol woes. A year later the company is advancing the game again with a more serious outboard, a 9.9, powered by an external propane tank.

The new 9.9-horsepower motor joins the propane-powered LP2.5 and LP5.0 models Lehr introduced in 2012. This new 9.9 takes Lehr into a much larger market segment. Made in China to Lehr specs from components sourced around the world, the twin-cylinder, 212-cc motor features F-N-R shifting and weighs 87.7 pounds. For comparison, a Mercury 9.9 FourStroke weighs 83 pounds.

Lehr 9.9

The new Lehr 9.9 prropane-powered outboard

Unlike the smaller Lehr models, the new 9.9 is not set up to be powered by a one-pound “camp stove” fuel canister mounted on the motor, as it will use that much fuel too quickly to be practical. Instead, the Lehr 9.9 is fueled from a 10- to 20-pound tank placed in the boat. Retail pricing starts at $2,599 for a 15-inch model with manual starting and a tiller. That does not include a fuel tank. You can use a steel grill tank, but Lehr offers a lightweight composite tank ($150.00 through West Marine) that seems ideal for marine use. The motor will be offered with a 20-inch shaft, remote controls, and electric start options…

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  1. Jake says:

    Man these things look awesome. What a great idea, you can go camping, fishing and boating all on propane. Is there less noise too?

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