He Said, She Said: Fish Boat or Sailboat?

Here’s a post from boats.com that is a natural fit here on WaterBlogged. In this short video taken at the Annapolis Boat Show, fisherman Lenny Rudow and sailor Zuzana Prochazka take a humorous look at the features of the Bavaria B/One, a popular new one design trailerable racing sailboat. Care to referee?

Diehard fisherman Lenny Rudow showed up at the Annapolis Sailboat Show and found this boat, which he thought was pretty cool: a low transom for gaffing fish, and a huge fishbox. Of course, it was missing a few things, like an outboard and rod holders… because Lenny had stumbled onto a racing sailboat. The Bavaria B/One, designed by Farr Yacht Design, is a trailerable one design racing sailboat that weighs only 2,200 pounds. Ninety boats have already been built in only three and a half months.

I set Lenny straight on a few other things, too. For one, that fishbox? It’s really a cuddy cabin. And that shiny thing that keeps getting in his way? It’s called a “boom.”

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