Updated Yacht Charter Site Launched for YachtWorldCharters.com

Looking for a great escape, or to explore a new destination? Look no further than the just-relaunched YachtWorldCharters.com, which offers a peek into locations around the world.

The Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands is just one of the many great locations you can explore on the new improved version of YachtWorldCharters.com.

“We wanted to give charterers a way to find in-depth information about each location,” Editorial Director John Burnham explained. “Weather, shoreside and arrival information, getting around before you start your charter, restaurants—it’s all there. We also have some great stories from writers who are not just sailors and boaters, but are very familiar with each destination.”

Coverage of Caribbean favorites like Antigua and the charter jewel of the US west coast, the Pacific Northwest, provide a wealth of knowledge that often delves behind the scenes. You can also explore lesser-known destinations like Croatia. Where to eat, what to see, how to get there—use the information we’ve collected to plan ahead, and then check out more details once you arrive. With a large world map to aid navigation, planning your next charter adventure will be easier and more fun on this destination-based site.


And if you’ve been on a charter recently, please send us your story. We’ll make sure to share useful information, photos, and video with other would-be charterers.

Also, please drop us a comment if you think we are missing something. Even with so many great writers we can’t be everywhere, so we need your help to keep this new and improved site up to date.

Check out the new site! YachtWorldCharters.com


  1. I like the site of the yachtworld. Offers a lot of scenery to look at for members and visitors alike.

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