Buying a Boat? Where Will You Keep It?

Boatbuying can be accompanied by a sort of weird, narrow-focus fever, and it’s common for fever-bright buyers to get way down the purchase path without carefully considering the practicalities and costs of storage. Whether you’re buying a new or used boat, part of your focus needs to be on where you’re going to keep it – not just during the boating season, but when it’s laid up.

A slip in a protected estuary is great, but if you live 50 miles away and want to work on your boat, trailering might be a better option, especially if you can keep the boat at home for free. But trailering also has its challenges and costs.

To help you in your decision-making, here’s some collected wisdom from the experts at Boat Trader and

The basic issues:

How Do I Store My Boat?

Two articles covering rack storage:

Rack storage can be efficient and cost-effective. Make sure the operators are responsive to haul and launch requests..

Rack Storage vs. Wet Dock

Is Dry Stack Storage Right for You?

And a related article about whether it might make sense to own your own lift:

Buy a Boat Lift to Protect Your Investment

If you keep your boats alongside your own dock, what’s the best way to protect it?

Mooring Whips – Necessary or Not?

If you intend to trailer your boat to and from the water, be aware of all the possible expenses:

Owning a Trailerable Boat: Hidden Costs

What’s involved in owning or renting a mooring in a harbor?

Town Moorings

It can be tricky to balance storage and mooring expenses, travel time to the boat, storm-protection issues, and other hassle factors.  But it’s all part of the game. Keep us posted on how you manage, and fair winds this season.

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