Bayliner 335 Cruiser: Video Boat Review

The boat review team looked at Bayliner’s twin engine 33 footer, which is less expensive than other boats in its size range. Reviewer Lenny Rudow explains why.

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This is Bayliner’s 335 SB. Now this is a twin-engine powerboat that’s designed for overnighting and weekend trips. What’s really interesting about this boat is its price tag. It lists at around $150,000, with a pair of Merc 260s. That is $20-50,000 less than most competitors. Why is it? Let’s ask Pat Blake from Bayliner.

Interview with Pat Blake, Bayliner Boats
Pat: Well, Lenny, a big portion of that is actually inside the cabin. Why don’t we go inside and take a look and I’ll show you. At Bayliner, we like to give our customers everything they need but not necessarily things that they don’t need. This boat has an abundance of storage in it, but we don’t put a whole bunch of cabinets up around the gunnels that people are not necessarily using. Also we don’t load the base boat up with a bunch of TV sets and other electronics that people may or may not use. We give them the option of picking what they’d like. So by doing that, that’s a couple of the reasons why we can keep the price down.

Like most cruisers in this class, the 335 can accommodate six people overnight. The dinette goes into a berth, there’s a forward berth, and there’s a mid-cabin. Unlike most, it also gives you privacy. And no, I’m not talking about the silly little curtain that covers up the forward berth. Come on over here.

I’m talking about the mid-cabin berth entry. Which has an actual bulkhead and a door, which is large enough that I can walk through standing up.

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