Boat Insurance for “Sitting on the Hard”

boat damage

Not sure if homeowners, car, or boat insurance covers this?

A few weeks ago, I wrote that the mast for my current project boat was destroyed in a freak storm, by a falling tree limb, while sitting in my yard. Since then I’ve had more bad news.Naively, I thought that my homeowner’s policy would cover my property while it sat “on the hard.” The boat wasn’t in the water, so why did I need specific boat insurance, right?

Who knew that a boat stored on land or “sitting on the hard”, as the saying goes, needed its own boat insurance to be covered? Turns out my homeowner’s policy had a nice little clause called “limits of liability” for boats and such, in plain, albeit small, text that I never considered.

So, let my experience guide you. If you have a boat, anywhere, and can’t afford to lose it, insure it with specific boat insurance that covers “replacement value”. While I did recover a small amount to defray my loss, the $1,500 “limit of liability” did not come close to covering my investment. My oversight has put a major crimp in this project and I’m now trying to decide whether to scrap it or if the hundreds of hours of work is worthy of even more investment.

Live and learn, read and understand the fine print. Standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t fully cover boats sitting in your yard—only specific boat insurance will.


  1. Michelle says:

    What a heartbreaking situation! We have boat insurance because our boat is always in the water. We did however for many years keep our boat in our garage at home and like you I would assume that our homeowners insurance would cover any damage. Sounds like you have a tough choice ahead of you!

  2. jack says:

    I thought that my homeowner’s policy would cover my property while it sat “on the hard.

  3. Drew Nyland says:

    Man that is terrible. My agent, fortunately for me, explained that I need year round insurance, despite the fact I”m storing it “on the hard” for 5-6 months of the year. Good luck with the rest of your project.

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