Boating Year Round

boat hoist

Hoisting your boat out of the water to keep the bottom clean is preferrable to hauling it to keep it from freezing

Now that the cold weather has truly arrived here in the northeast US, as evidenced by ice on the pond and an appreciable dent in my woodpile, I wonder what it would be like to live in a place where the weather was conducive to year-round boating. Not too hot in the summer and definitely not so cold in the winter, but just right the year through. Go boating anytime you like—perfect!

I’ve often made the argument that the cold weather makes us northerners appreciate the shortened boating season and live it more zealously because we know it doesn’t last, but that is just as likely an excuse because of where I live.

I have relatives in Southern California and Florida who always seem to have a laid back “mañana” approach to boating whenever I visit. What’s the rush? The boat and the fine weather will be there tomorrow.  What I deem perfectly good boating weather in Florida this time of year doesn’t always click with the locals.  I have seen that look of “you must be crazy” from my brother, as he watches snowbirds from Canada frolic at the beach near his house.

Oh sure, there is something nice, romantic even, about the seasons changing, but just about now I’m thinking how nice it would be to charter a boat in the Caribbean or find a ride at Key West Race Week—sounds nice, eh? Somehow waiting for the pond ice to freeze solid enough for ice-boating isn’t what I have in mind.  Give it to me, liquid, floating, and warm. Boating year-round–must be nice.


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    • Bill says:

      Florida isn’t what you imagine. Yes, the 1 st year we boated year around even water skied past Burt Reynolds waiting to board a helicopter from his heli-dock on New Years Day but from the 2nd year on, if the weather is below 75 deg, the boat stays on the trailer or lift, unless the fish are really biting. Also, if you compete in triathlons etc. you have to wear a wet suit if water temp. dips below 74 deg.

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