Top 10 Reasons Boat Sales Will Climb

Top 10 Reasons Boat Sales Will Climb

Top 10 Reasons Boat Sales Will Climb

Good news for your friendly local boat dealer…if Bill Sisson is right, your dealer is going to have a better year than he’s had in a while. This week’s Top 10 List comes from Bill’s blog post, Top 10 Reasons Boat Sales Will Rise in 2011 on Soundings Trade Only.

The number one reason Bill says boat sales will increase is our confidence is up! CNN reported in February 2011, that consumer confidence “hit a three-year high.” It looks like more of us are ready to spend some of our hard-earned money on that boat we’ve had our eye on.

Not only are we confident about spending money, we are actually spending. Bill’s second indicator of boat sales rising is that consumer spending has been up most of the last 18 months. The Spokesman-Review reported in February 2011, “consumer spending rose 0.7 percent in December, the sixth straight monthly increase.”

Want to read the list in its entirety? Check it out his blog at Soundings Trade Only!

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