Top 10 Ways To Keep Our Waters Green

Top 10 Ways To Keep Our Waters Green

Top 10 Ways To Keep Our Waters Green

Since I entered college, I’ve grown more aware of our environment and what I do to harm it. Like most people, I still commute to work in my Jetta and forget to bring my reusable bags to the store. A few days ago I got another “green” itch and decided to search for a Top 10 list about how we boaters can boat more “green.” Look and you shall receive!

This Top 10 List: Top 10 Ways to Keep Our Waters Green comes from David Sullivan, a staff writer for!

I will let you read the article in its entirety but here are a few I’d like to personally expand on.

Sullivan’s first way we boaters can help is to not “throw anything into the water that didn’t come out of it.” I can’t agree with him more! Living in a state with the second dirtiest waterways in the US brings this point more to life for me. When I am out on the boat I make sure to pack a trash bag and if for some reason I forget I just put the trash back into the cooler.

“Keep only the fish you are going to eat,” comes in at number two. Another great way we can help! If the fish is too small to eat, throw the little guy back! And when you hook the perfect catch reel it in! Don’t forget eating your fresh catch was featured in our Top 10 Boat Foods blog post!

I think my most favorite way we can help comes in at number ten, “Teach your children respect for the water, just as you teach them safe operation of a boat.” It’s true, our children are our future!

Do you have any ideas of how to keep our waters green? I want to hear about them! Comment on this post and together we can make our own Top 10 List!!


  1. HarrisFB says:

    Stock garbage bags onboard and make it a habit to carry out the trash with you every time you leave the boat so it doesn’t pile up.

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