Top 10 Boat Foods



Planning a day on the boat equals planning a day of food. Each boating trip requires a different menu taking into consideration time of day, activities arranged and the crew.

A few staples for me are pretzels, cheese and crackers and  sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly for me please) if water sports are involved.

Before each boating excursion I always take to the Internet to gather new ideas for my boating menu and one day I stumbled upon this:

Top 10 Boat Foods

And what do you know; PRETZELS are top on the list! There is nothing like a hard salty pretzel with an iced beverage on a hot summer day!

There are a few on this list I have worries about.

Pringles are my first issue. First of all, to eat a Pringle yours hands must be completely dry otherwise it will disintegrate immediately! Also the crumbs can be a pain to clean up especially if they get wet.

Second on my list is chocolate. For some reason I can never keep chocolate cold enough during those long hot summer days. If there is a secret let me know!

I love the idea of eating your fresh catch on the boat! Fish definitely tastes the best the first day you catch it. I wouldn’t have the heart to gut the fish myself but that is what the crew is for! Or a local restaurant that will cook your fresh catch!

I realize this list is very limited and everyone has their own particular favorites. Let me know what your favorite boat foods by commenting on this post!

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