He Said/She Said

How do you and your significant other differ when it comes to day trips? Boating preferences? What to pack? Where to go? We want to hear it! Visit He Said/She Said and share your experience with us…


  1. Robert Meredith says:

    My wife and I find the boating pastime to be a “uniter” not a “divider.” If there’s any debate it’s something as innocuous as “Where should we throw the hook and go swimming today?” It’s exploration, pure fun, pure relaxation. None of the “hey! you left the seat up!” exchanges out there…why? Our boat doesn’t have a head!
    Todos Abordos!
    Rob Meredith

  2. Well, there’s usually no discussion about what to pack, we pack everything we think we might need in a jam; extra noodles, extra towels, more beverage than we ever going to need, beach chairs; you never know when someone might show with lines out ready to raft up. My wife has her assumed assignment which is the food, while I take care of the heavy lifting like the dinghy, outboard and coolers. We don’t even talk about it anymore, we just do it, no discussion needed. Thats an area where we’re in complete accord.

    Where we “differ” most often is where to drop the hook. You see, she’s not too savvy about wind, current or where the bottom might be so we sometimes bark at each other through the bow hatch until she succumbs and realizes we’d be banging port to starboard against yon boat or sitting on a sandbar.

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