Boat Maintenance Essentials

Think about the freedom and enjoyment you derive from boating, spending care-free time on the water with friends and family for just a moment.  Now take a deep breath. None of that happens unless you maintain your vessel. Whether you rely on a professional boat yard or do it yourself, maintenance is an essential part of boating.

For most of us, the boating season is short and we’ll do all that is necessary to keep the “me time” or family vacations uninterrupted by embarrassing breakdowns.  Normally, a pre-launch commissioning list, to make sure things work; an in season routine–checking the bilge, oil levels, batteries etc… before every trip; and a haul out / winterizing and repair list will keep maintenance easy and organized.

Boat maintenance is essential to keep your boat running

Boat maintenance is essential to keep your boat running

Keeping your boat going and yourself out of trouble is just common sense.  It doesn’t have to be a chore; I like to visualize myself doing all that care-free boating when dealing with maintenance items—after all, doesn’t part of that worry-free bliss come from feeling prepared?

Get to know your boat— it is all that’s between you, your family and the deep blue sea. Take care of your boat first and it will be available for the good times.  The boatyard manager and guy at the parts department counter would much rather deal with “routine maintenance” at the appropriate time than the histrionics of emergency repair when everyone should be happy afloat.

Proactive maintenance should also mean less costly repair bills.  So, for a good time of care-free boating, maintenance is just part of boat ownership leading to ultimate enjoyment.  I’ll be dedicating some future blogs to specific maintenance issues and I’d also be happy to answer any of your boat maintenance questions.


  1. Mark says:

    This is really sound advice for any boater! As any boater has probably experienced, at one time or another, that break down that takes you out of commission for the weekend. Of course it only takes that one time before we realize how a little bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way in keeping you on the water. As you indicated, the pre and post season PM’s are really the best time for the marine tech to take a good look at your engine and identify any issues before you get out for that first cruise of the season!!

    A very good topic to highlight!

    • Peter d'Anjou says:

      Thanks Mark,

      I couldn’t agree more. The short boating season is not the time to be doing maintainenance, get out and enjoy your boat, you have all winter to get it in shape.

      Peter d’Anjou

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