Solar-Electric Boat from Electro-Mariner Corp Makes Debut at San Diego Bay Parade of Light

Sign on San Diego recently reported that the 38th annual San Diego Bay Parade of Lights featured the public debut of “Charge It”: a solar-electric prototype boat built by Electro-Mariner Corp.

Photo Credit: Electro-Mariner

According to the story, Charge It is a a 25-foot express-style vessel that can charge its batteries using sunlight or from dockside electrical outlets.

The inventors at Electro-Mariner faced challenges ranging from fitting batteries into the boat to concerns about salt-water. The new challenge is convincing boaters an electric boat can compete with gas-powered models.

Electro-Mariner Corp says their boats will be able to run at 20 knots for one hour or at nine knots for four hours.

Source: Sign On San Diego and Electro-Mariner

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