Malibu Boats Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V Boat Reaches End of Production Run

Malibu Boats has announced that the last Corvette boat has motored off the assembly line and this storied production run is officially over.

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

According to Malibu Boats, nearly two years and 50 boats later, the Malibu Corvette Limited Sport-V has earned the awards and World-renown recognition befitting a cultural icon. And while a few production Corvette boats are available at select Malibu Boats dealerships, most of these boats have found homes.

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

Produced from December 2007 through November 2009, the Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V was the fastest production towboat ever created. The Corvette truly embodied Malibu Boats “Pushing Limits” mantra. The 505hp Corvette LS7 came standard in the Z06 Edition Malibu Corvette pushed the success of this Malibu boat even further. But this innovative performance machine is more than power and speed.

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

Dubbed, “the Corvette that runs on water,” this Malibu boat is truly a Corvette. It was not just styled after the C6 Corvette. Every part of this vessel screams Corvette. The Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V was the epitome of Corvette Americana with a long list of powerfully innovative features.

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

A Patented Power Wing Windshield, authentic Corvette high-back seats, an 8-speaker Malibu-Rockford Fosgate Stereo System, rear vents styled after the Corvette taillights and designed for through-hull ventilation, the signature Corvette “Cove” and a hood modeled after the car, which opened to reveal a specific storage center and the core of the stereo system.

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

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