Gen II 3 Series Lights Offer Double The Output

Photo Credit: Aqualuma Underwater Lighting

Aqualuma Underwater Lighting offers its Gen II 3 Series Lights, aking the boating experience more illuminating and colorful.

According to Aqualuma Underwater Lighting, innovations from the Gen II range include more than double the light output for the 3 Series.

Another upgrade is Aqualuma’s exclusive one-piece, non-corrosive housing, which now features a new tint for enhanced clarity and is resistant to chemicals. This housing enables Gen II lights to be fitted with any sealant approved for below water applications.

Photo Credit: Aqualuma Underwater Lighting

The lights are offered with a standard beam of 12? or a wide-angle, elliptical beam of 12? x 50?. They draw less than 0.5 amps at 12V or less than 0.3 amps at 24V. If necessary, the exclusive one-piece housing allows the three LEDs’ driver and LEDs to be serviced without hauling out the vessel.

Available in Ultra Blue, Ultra Green or Brilliant White, Aqualuma’s Gen II 3 Series Lights come with 12′ of tinned cable and a three-year warranty.

Source: Aqualuma Underwater Lighting

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