WakeWorld.com Chooses “The Ghost” Malibu Boats 2010 Wakesetter VLX

The Malibu Boats blog features a story on “The Ghost” Malibu VLX, chosen by WakeWorld.com for their official towboat.

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

According to Malibu Boats, “The Ghost” WakeWorld.com Malibu VLX is all white. That and because it haunts the waters of Southern California with big scary customizable wakes in addition to a boatload of new 2010 Malibu innovations.

This year’s WakeWorld.com VLX rocks a weightless fold-down Illusion G3 tower with four new Titan Slide-off Spinner Racks, a new color-matched fiberglass floor with snap-out carpet, new Wakesetter hull graphics, the new MaliView 6.5” Dash System with video and the protection of Malibu Boats Salt Water Package, just to name a few features.

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

The WakeWorld.com boat appears to be floating even in tow thanks to the loaded bright white Tandem Axle Salt Water Trailer built by Boatmate.

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

WakeWorld.com Discussion, one of the most trafficked rider discussion boards online, was the first forum to publish photos of the site’s new wakeboard boat. That should be expected, but the photos were posted before Williams had even seen his new boat. The images were posted by a WakeWorld.com subscriber. The VLX happened to make a few stops at other Malibu Boats Dealerships before arriving in So Cal. Photos were snapped, posted and the rave reviews began.

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

When Williams finally saw his new Wakesetter VLX in person this is how he reacted. “I was blown away before the cover even came off!” Williams explained, “Not only did the Boatmate trailer look unbelievable, but the hull has some great new angles that look really sharp.” Williams went on, “Of course, once the cover came off and the tower went up, I was even more impressed.”

Photo Credit: Malibu Boats

This is the 5th time in the last five years WakeWorld.com has chosen the Malibu Boats Wakesetter VLX as the site’s official wakeboard boat. And according to Dave Williams, WakeWorld.com’s Owner/Editor, this is why he continues to make Malibu Boats his choice. “Probably the biggest reason why I think this [Malibu Wakesetter VLX] is the best boat out there is the fact that you can flip a few switches or engage a Rider Preset and you’ve got a wake that’s got a great shape and is more than big enough for 90% of the riders out there. The VLX is good to go right out of the box!”

Source: Malibu Boats

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