Torqeedo’s Kayak Motor Allows Anglers to Increase Range

Torqeedo’s homepage features details on the Ultralight 402 outboard motor.

Photo Credit: Torqeedo

When it comes to kayak fishing, every advantage counts. That’s why professionals such as Chad Hoover, pair their kayak with an outboard designed specifically for fishing. With a total weight of 15 lbs., including the battery, Torqeedo’s Ultralight 402 can be easily mounted onto most rigid kayaks. It’s IP67-rated and can operate when temporarily submersed.

“I’ve taken this motor over cypress knees, shale rock and dense vegetation, including lily pads,” said Hoover. “I beat this motor up and it just keeps going. It even performs well in shallow water.”

“I’d recommend this motor to other anglers,” continued Hoover. “It frees my hands up to fish. The Ultralight is also quiet, fast, lightweight, efficient, smooth and easily adjusted. The speed and presentation can be dialed in to match your technique and not the other way around.”

Photo Credit: Torqeedo

With propulsive power equivalent to a 1 hp gas outboard, it can reach a max speed between 5.0-6.0 mph for about half an hour, depending on the type of kayak. At slow speed, it provides a range of 12-15 miles. An integrated board computer combines information from the motor, batteries and a built-in GPS, enabling kayakers to monitor battery charge, speed and remaining range at current speed.

“The Torqeedo kayak outboard is a great addition to any beginning, intermediate or advanced paddling angler’s arsenal,” continued Hoover. “It helps increase your range and the amount of water you can cover, which can ultimately increase your ability to catch fish.”

Source: Torqueedo


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