Seakeeper Gyro Stabilization System Takes On Rough Seas Near Australia

The Seakeeper Gyro Stabilization System, a system designed to eliminate boat rock and roll, had a recent demo off the Gold Coast Seaway in Australia on a new Maritimo 500 Offshore Convertible.

According to Seakeeper, the boat combated an outward tide current, 15 knot Southeast winds and 5-6′ Easterly waves.

Photo Credit: Seakeeper

The first Australian-built vessel to feature a Seakeeper Gyro, Maritimo installed the innovative unit to meet its customer’s need for comfort at anchor, low speed and underway. During the sea trial, Nick Barry-Cotter from Maritimo’s engineering department was at the wheel with Kendall Barry-Cotter alongside. Seakeeper’s local distributor Twin Disc (Pacific) also had staff onboard during this historic event.

Photo Credit: Seakeeper

Once in rough waters, the advanced Seakeeper Gyro Stabilization System was activated. After one, possibly two waves, the roll rate was drastically reduced and all aboard immediately noticed a much smoother ride. This test was repeated several times and in each instance the stabilization results were the same. Even when tested at zero speed, the roll rate was dramatically reduced.

“There was a considerable amount of roll reduction, more than expected,” said Nick Barry-Cotter. “It made a large difference and in my opinion, it’s worth the money.”

Employing the principles of gyro-dynamics, the high-tech Seakeeper Gyro spins a forged, high-strength steel flywheel at 10,000 rpm in a near-vacuum to generate an unmatched 7,000 Newton meter seconds of angular momentum. Actively controlled by motion sensors and computer processors, it optimizes torque and is highly effective over a range of conditions and applications.

Source: Seakeeper

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