Rudder Control From Raritan Engineering Simplifies Docking

Minor collisions while mooring and maneuvering through dense marinas can cause huge headaches and expensive repairs. The Rudder Master from Raritan Engineering helps boaters get into the tightest docks.

Photo Credit: Raritan Engineering

An economical steering aid and rudder positioning device, the analog Rudder Master provides constant monitoring of the rudder angle from 0° to 45°. Offered in five versatile versions, each unit comes complete with a calibration box, 30′ of wire, sending unit and all other necessary installation components. Repeater units are available for multiple station readouts.

The round MK2 and MK3 Models are spray-proof and conveniently backlit. A flush-mount meter, the reliable MK445 features an edgewise readout. The attractive MK5 and MK6 Models offer an easy-to-read panoramic meter

Source: Raritan Engineering

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