NMMA Opposes Possible Increase In Ethanol Content Of Fuel

DailySentinel.com reports on the controversy over increasing ethanol content in gasoline and what this change would mean for boat owners.

According to DailySentinel.com, ethanol manufacturers have made a request to the EPA for an increase of allowable ethanol content in gasoline. The current legal amount of ethanol in gas is 10 percent (called E10 fuel). That could be raised to 15 percent (E15).

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) opposes this increase because ethanol fuels absorb water and can cause water to build up in boat fuel tanks, leading to corrosion and damage to engine components.

The NMMA site features an action alert on the E15 waiver. Wikipedia features a section explaining different ethanol mixtures.

Source: DailySentinel.com, The National Marine Manufacturers Association, and Wikipedia

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