Free Performance Reports Assist With Yanmar Repowers

Repowering to a new diesel engine can enable boat owners to take advantage of improved fuel consumption and range, bringing new life to an existing craft.

Mack Boring & Parts Company can now put the data behind diesel engines at owners’ fingertips with free Yanmar performance reports. With hundreds of boat model and Yanmar diesel engine combinations available, each report outlines a repower scenario with comparative information.

According to Mack Boring & Parts Company, the easy-to-read documents cover boat and Yanmar engine specifications, with charts showing the repowered boat’s speed and fuel burn at incremental rpm’s. Most also contain gear and propeller data. Yanmar performance reports are available for boat owners in Mack Boring’s 22-state distribution territory, from the Carolinas to Maine and west to the Great Lakes.

Boaters simply email with their name, phone number, boat brand, model, year, length and current engine. Each inquiry will be promptly handled by Mack Boring’s knowledgeable staff.

Source: Mack Boring & Parts Company

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