Grow Boating Inc. Offers The Discover Boating Toolkit

Grow Boating Inc. unveiled this week the Discover Boating Toolkit on, a “go-to” resource for Grow Boating contributors. The Toolkit includes useful news, information and downloadable materials to assist industry stakeholders in developing and enhancing their marketing efforts. Designed using elements from the Discover Boating campaign, the Toolkit provides added value for individual company application at no charge in a time when budgets are tight.

“Revamping to better fit the needs of key stakeholders, primarily dealers, is a crucial element in our industry’s ongoing efforts to bring more people into boating,” says Carl Blackwell, vice president of marketing and communications for Grow Boating Inc. and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). “In these tough economic times, we have placed an increased emphasis on providing value and resources our stakeholders can use to help grow their business on a local level.”

The Discover Boating Toolkit offers, at no charge, industry stakeholders the ability to:

  • Personalize Discover Boating PR materials and timely talking points to arm sales teams with crucial industry stats.
  • Learn new tips for promoting their business from third-party sales trainers.
  • Download high quality videos to their site to capture visitor attention and keep them engaged longer.
  • Customize online applications for their company’s needs and apply them to their site, including the popular applications: Spousal Conversion Kit, Affordability Tool and Budget Planner, as well as the Good Run short film.
  • Gain immediate access to industry research for measuring against business strategies.
  • Identify ways to maximize leads generated through Discover Boating.

The Toolkit also features a special Dealer Spotlight section highlighting best practices from dealers around the country who offer insight on how they are growing and nurturing their customer base.

“We want industry stakeholders to use as a viable resource for industry news and program developments, as well as a place to find helpful tools to drive sales,” notes Blackwell. “New materials and content will be added often to the site for greater convenience and usability, so we encourage stakeholders to bookmark the page for regular use.”

Part of the GrowBoating kit is the short film “A Good Run”.  If you have not seen it, check it out here.

Source: GrowBoating

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