Cobra Marine MR HH125 Handheld VHF Radio Designed For Multiple Applications

Combining state-of-the-art features with a unique, compact design, Cobra Marine offers its MR HH125 handheld VHF radio. Designed for multiple applications, it’s great for use as the main radio on a small recreational boat or as a portable backup on larger vessels.

The compact HH125 is ideal for storage in a pocket or small compartment. With a backlit LCD display and keypad, the unit offers easy viewing in low light conditions, automatically turning off to conserve battery power.

Cobra’s HH125 allows the choice of one or three watts of power for clear communication over both short and long distances. Waterproof to JIS4 standards, it operates on all US, Canadian and international marine VHF channels. Scan and Memory Scan features let users quickly locate conversations while a Signal Strength Meter shows the strength of the outgoing and incoming signal.

Featuring 10 NOAA weather channels and All Hazards alert, it provides 24-hour access to local weather information. The HH125 allows instant access to channels 16 and 9 for emergency situations.

Source: Cobra Marine


  1. Used Outboard Motor Sales says:

    >Just picked one of these up, and it’s great. Haven’t had a problem with it yet, and the reception is crystal clear.

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