MercMonitor By Mercury Marine Offers a Multi-Color Customizable LCD Screen

Mercury Marine has recently introduced MercMonitor, an affordable, high-value vessel-monitoring system that features a completely digital display and a multi-color customizable LCD screen.

According to Mercury Marine, three versions of MercMonitor are offered: Basic MercMonitor, MercMonitor with RPM SmartTow, and MercMonitor with SmartTow Pro.

MercMonitor has an engine-detection system that automatically determines the boat’s engine type and configures the gauge appropriately.

Additionally, MercMonitor’s 42 functions can be programmed to appear in groups of three in as many as five configurations. MercMonitor’s face consists of three information segments, and any of the functions can appear in groups of three.

MercMonitor is a 3 3/8-inch round gauge, and can be fitted for engine models dating back to 2002*. Available colors include blue, yellow, red, purple, green and teal, and every gauge can be programmed to show any of the colors.

Source: Mercury Marine

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