Salt Water Fishing Helps Boost The U.S. Economy

Want to help out the struggling U.S. Economy? According to NOAA, you can lend a hand by going salt water fishing.

According to a new study issued by NOAA’s Fisheries Service, recreational saltwater anglers pumped more than $31 billion into the U.S. economy in 2006, with Florida, Texas, California, Louisiana and North Carolina receiving the largest share.

The top five coastal recreational fishing states are: Florida ($16.7 billion), Texas ($3.2 billion), California ($3.0 billion), Louisiana ($2.9 billion), and North Carolina ($2.0 billion).

The $31.4 billion in total U.S. expenditures in 2006 contributed $82.3 billion in total sales, $39.1 billion to gross national product, $24 billion in personal income, and supported nearly 534,000 jobs.

Source: NOAA

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