WhisperGen Boat Generator Offers Quiet, Discreet Power

The Mack Boring & Parts Company site features details on the WhisperGen boat generator.

According to Mack Boring & Parts Company, the WhisperGen boat generator is extremely quiet with a noise level similar to that of a household refrigerator. Measuring about 14″ Wide x 20″ Deep x 25″ High and weighing only 198 lbs., it fits discreetly on any vessel to make electricity and heat generation unobtrusive.

This 12 or 24V diesel-powered generator provides up to 800W DC output to automatically maintain and charge the boat’s battery bank. Through an AC inverter, the battery bank powers radio, navigation, lighting and other systems, handling peak appliance demands that may exceed 5kW with ease.

Source: Mack Boring & Parts Company

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