Deep Impact Power Boats To Release The First Triple Open Center Console With F350 Yamaha Engines

After producing the first Deep Impact Power Boat Quad Engine with 300 Mercury Verados in the fall of 2007, Deep Impact Power Boats is soon to release the first Triple Engine Open center console with F350 Yamahas.  According to Deep Impact Powerboats, the incredible torque and power of the V-8 Yamahas, the boat is expected to have speeds close to 80 mph like to the Quad Engine 300 with Mercury Verados.

“When we built the first twin F350 Yamaha 36’ we were pleasantly surprised when the boat reached 70 mph,” commented Carl Hansen of Plantation Boat Mart and Marina. “We mainly use triple 300 Mercury engines that reach into the 70-72 mph range for most models including the 36’. The triple application does require the same extra heavy duty lamination schedule, and second Kevlar layer as the quad boat, because of the heavy triple motors and the power and torque produced by them.”

In addition to the first F350 Open model, the latest boat out of the factory is a 36 Open Midnight Blue Triple Mercury with a saddle color interior that has a stunning color scheme mimicking the Ford “King Ranch” line of trucks. The boat has the popular L-shape interior layout with the oversized T-Top.

Source: Deep Impact Powerboats

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