Legacy Propeller From Turning Point Propellers

Offering faster top-end speed, quicker hole shot, better lift, improved fuel efficiency and more secure handling, the streamlined Legacy Propeller from Turning Point Propellers maximizes overall performance. Ideal for use with runabout, fishing and bay boats, it features a state-of-the-art MasterTORQUE Hub System.

The Legacy employs the latest in blade design technology, incorporating high rake patterns, fine-tuned pitch progression, aggressive cupping and sharp trailing edges for increased horsepower and acceleration. The only aluminum prop produced with performance-enhancing vent holes, it offers reduced planing times. Built for engines ranging from 40 to +300 hp, the Legacy has 4-1/4″ and 4-3/4″ gearcases.

Utilizing a unique, single-piece design, the MasterTORQUE Hub System has a shock-absorbing polymer cushion and high-torque-resistant construction to reduce damaging vibration. It’s compatible with Michigan Wheel XHS, Mercury Flo Torq and similar hub systems.

The high-performance Legacy Propeller from Turning Point has suggested retail prices starting at $110. The MasterTORQUE Hub System costs $49.95 and also works with stainless steel Patriot and Voyager props.

Source: Turning Point Propellers

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