The Hatteras 54 Convertable Features Revolutionary Hull Design

The Hatteras Yachts homepage features details on the Hatteras 54 Convertible.

According to Hatteras, the 54’s hull design is truly revolutionary – designed specifically to deliver a smooth ride and excellent handling while operating at high speed. The convexity in the hull bottom helps make this hull immensely strong. The slight outward curvature (viewed from keel to chine) reduces impact accelerations and contributes to an incredibly smooth head-sea ride.

Traditional Hatteras double chines are incorporated into the hull design to provide additional spray deflection, with the added benefit of improved lift and tracking in heavy seas. A slight twist in the hull bottom, better defined as a variation of deadrise with length, provides flatter sections in the aftermost portion of the hull. These sections reduce resistance, improve handling at low speeds and increase transverse stability while planing. Thus, you can tackle head seas and the most challenging waters with confidence – and in comfort.

Source: Hatteras Yachts

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