Yanmar Marine USA Endorses The Use Of Biodiesel B5 In Their Diesel Engines

Yanmar Marine USA recently announced, as part of their continuing efforts to create more environmentally-responsible products, the endorsement of the use of B5 Biodiesel in their diesel engines.

The eco-friendly diesel alternative has been approved for use across Yanmar’s recreational marine line.

Compared to standard diesel fuel, B5 Biodiesel can help reduce greenhouse gases and particulate matter, also known as soot. Producing less pollution, the blended fuel is 95% standard diesel with a maximum of 5% biodiesel. This innovative B5 base conforms to stringent specifications outlined in ASTM D6751 or ISO EN14214.

A full list of Yanmar Marine Engines Approved for B5 Bio Diesel use can be found on the Yanmar Marine homepage.

Source: Yanmar Marine


  1. Marine Boat Engines Used says:

    >the endorsement of the use of B5 Biodiesel by Yanmar mairne forces in their diesel engines is a great sign for all of us. This Eco friendly Diesel can be very helpful for the environment. Thanks for the update.

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