The Sonic Mares Cat Features Fuel-Saving Hull Design

According to Sonic Boats, the new hull design of the Sonic Mares Cat can take some of the sting out of those high fuel costs. “Water is hard, air is soft,” says Sonic Boats, “Finally a boat that understands the difference.”

Powered with the Volvo 370 Diesels and Volvo sport drive, the Sonic Mares Cat has a top speed close to 80 MPH drop down to 43 MPH, offering better than 3 Miles per gallon and a range of over 800 Miles

The unique design at the hull is what makes the difference. Sonic Boats says the Mares Cat will go further faster and burn less fuel than any mono hull.

The Mares Cat is specifically designed and built for the whole family to enjoy, there is more room in the cockpit, in the engine compartment and in the cabin. Easy access to the water, extremely stable at speed or at anchor this Cat is designed to excel in rough water.

Source: Sonic Boats

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