Nordic 8 Portlight Directs Water Away From The Window

The point of a porthole is to let in light and air, not water. Boaters and sailors sick of traditional portholes collecting water and condensation can turn to ABI/Precision Lighting.

Using an innovative spigot drain, their Nordic Series Portlights help direct water away from the window. With no water sitting in the ring to run into and soak the cabin, there’s no need to worry when opening the porthole.

Precision cast, the classic Nordic 8 Portlight is the first in this new series. It features a 8″ diameter opening with a black nylon screen to keep insects out. Built to last, it’s constructed of electro-polished 316 stainless steel and laminated safety glass. CE certified and simple to install, the flange and finish ring are countersunk for wood screws and measure 11″ in diameter.

Source: ABI/Precision Lighting

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