Glacier Bay’s 3065 Canyon Runner Feautures New Hull Design

According to Glacier Bay, the new 3065 Canyon Runner is targeted at the hard-core fisherman who has deep ocean, big fish in mind.

Glacier Bay says that every detail has been refined and tuned to fit his exact needs and expectations.

The hull is an all new groundbreaking, patent pending, design from Glacier Bay that makes significant steps forward in fuel efficiency, roll stability, handling, and spray reflection.

Fuel Efficiency and horsepower requirements have been improved significantly. Owners will see a 6%-8% increase over previous designs through a re-shaping of the aft under bodies to improve the hydrodynamics (smoother flow).

Roll Stability has been stepped up significantly with a reshaping of the hulls outboard power chine. The boat’s ability to Bank into Turns has also been enhanced with a re-proportioning of the aft underbody.

Source: Glacier Bay Catamarans

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