The World’s Two Largest Marine Retailers Present Great American Boat Sale May 30 – June 15

MarineMax and Bass Pro Shops recently announced The Great American Boat Sale, starting May 30th till June 15th.

According to Marine Max and Bass Pro Shops…

When the going gets tough, the tough go boating. That’s what we here at MarineMax and Bass Pro Shops believe. In these stressful economic times, one simple fact remains, boating is and always will be the best way to escape stress and spend quality time with your family. Now, more than ever, is the best time to get on the water.

Unprecedented Economic Times Mean Unprecedented Deals

Bass Pro Shops and MarineMax are the largest and strongest boating retailers in the world, we both stocked up heavy with new boats last fall and winter to get ready for the big push this spring… but let’s be frank, this economic downturn surprised everyone, including us, in its severity. So… we have great boats in stock. All kinds of boats. In fact, so many boats that we are taking extraordinary steps to give boat buyers the best deals to be found anywhere.

Glenn Sandridge, Vice-President of Marketing at MarineMax explains, “We have a lot of boats in stock. But it’s such a great time to go boating. The weather is great. The kids are out of school. And what a bonding experience, no cell phones and no distractions – unless sunsets count. We need to find a way to get more families out on the water and get them away from everyday worries.

“I knew if we held a nationwide sale that would help, and if we offered to sell our new and used sport boats, cruisers, fishing boats and even sport yachts at tremendous value prices, that would probably do the trick. So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

“Sure,” continued Sandridge, “selling boats at these prices with so many special offers this time of year is unusual. But this is THE time to go boating. This is your chance to get Sea Rays and other brands at terrific prices and still have the whole summer to enjoy them. We knew it would take great deals to move these boats now, and we’ve got them available at these sales.”

This is your opportunity to save big money on your dream boat:

  • Your best MarineMax and Bass Pro Shops deals of the season


  • Up to an $800 Bass Pro Shops gift card with purchase of select models



  • Incredible prices on clearance models



  • Sea Ray Owners Club members: Stop by for Owner’s Clubbonuspoints



  • MarineMax Premium Certified Pre-Owned boats will now be available




“Even though these prices are low, no short cuts will be taken on what we’re famous for – the MarineMax experience!” Bill McGill, Chairman, CEO and President of MarineMax explained. “At MarineMax, there are no hidden charges. Even freight and prep are included. Our All-Inclusive Value Pricing also means that you will get what is needed to get on the water, like a Go Boating Gear Kit, which includes everything to start boating from day one.”

McGill continued, “All customers receive a professional Captain’s Delivery and orientation to feel confident and comfortable operating their boat, whether they are first time boaters or moving up to a larger boat.” It all adds up to a total experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Sales managers have been instructed to move all new and used boats. Financing and insurance are available on the spot on approved credit… they’ll make it quick and easy for anyone who’s in the market for a good boat to get one at this sale.

Events are being held all over the country, some at Bass Pro Shops locations, some in large parking lots but all with one thing in common. Unprecedented deals on an unbeatable inventory of great boats.

For the Great American Boat Sale locations nearest you call (800) 732-7297 or go to

Source: Marine Max and Bass Pro Shops


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    >Great news! great information. the sale must be comprised of prices for the used ones. i guess this might be the greatest sales ever made in this business.

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