Mercury Marine Launches 15 hp Pro Kicker FourStroke

Mercury is launching their all-new 15 hp Pro Kicker FourStroke, utilizing a 2.15 gear ratio and four-blade, high-thrust propeller for greater maneuverability and low-speed handling that enables anglers to troll baits slower.

According to Mercury Marine…

The 15 Pro Kicker is available in both tiller and remote control versions. They feature the fastest power tilt in its class – just three seconds to tilt up or down – and come equipped with patented kicker centering straps (optional on remote control models) that automatically straighten and secure the outboard when it’s completely tilted up.

The kicker straps, combined with the heavy-duty mid section and clamp brackets, make the Pro Kicker capable of handling even the roughest water. So when you’re ready to head to the fishing hole, or head home, your trolling motor won’t flop around like a fish out of water.

Source: Mercury Marine

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