FNM Marine Diesel Engines To Enter The US Market

The FNM marine diesel engine homepage reports that the Italian engine company is now ready to enter the US market with turbodiesel Common Rail engines.

According to FNM Marine Diesel Engines…

The HPE (High Performance Engines) 2.4 L turbodiesel Common Rail engines have been certified according to the EPA standards. This certification is a necessary condition for the distribution of the FNM engines in the US market. It is worth mentioning that the HPE series engines had already been certified according to the RCD (Recreational Craft Directive) last year.

After receiving the EPA certification for the HPE 2.4 L series, FNM is now ready to enter the US market with its high-revving, lighweight, compact and fuel efficient turbodiesel Common Rail engines.

This will be the first step to the introduction of the FNM engines into the ever growing US marine diesel market. The FNM HPE (High Performance Engines) engines with their outstanding power-to-weight ratio are clean running, free of smoke, quite and fuel efficient. These characteristics make them an ideal product for the US market.

You can expect to see the first FNM units on the US coasts very soon because FNM is now ready to get started in the US.

Source: FNM Marine Diesel Engines


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    >Usefull information on the Diesel Engines.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >i would like to buy a cuddy cruiser.. and it has an fnm engine with z drive in 20 hours. but i have no idea about FNM engine. Does anyone know about it???

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