2008 Yamaha Superjet Features All New Hull

For boaters looking for relaxation, cruising in a powerboat or luxury yacht is perfect. Other adventurous souls get on the water with a personal water craft and really tear up the ocean.

For those who don’t need cupholders or cabins, the Yamaha website features details on the 2008 Yamaha Superjet.

According to Yamaha…

The Yamaha SuperJet set the bar for standup personal watercraft, and in 2008 Yamaha has raised that bar even higher with an all-new hull and sponson design. Whether it’s freestyle, freeriding or racing, the 2008 SuperJet is the best overall choice for standup watercraft enthusiasts.

Perfectly balanced for hard cornering and wide-open straight-aways, the newly designed SuperJet hull features molded-in sponsons positioned forward on the craft that increase the wetted surface area of the hull. This allows the craft to turn easier while making the SuperJet more stable for novice and intermediate level riders.
Powering the SuperJet is an ultra-responsive Yamaha marine engine that delivers excellent throttle control throughout the entire powerband. A darling of the aftermarket industry, there are an abundance of products available for the mechanically inclined owner that wants to customize the SuperJet’s performance.

Source: Yamaha

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