The Sabdes 50 – An environmentally conscious Superyacht

The Sabdes 50 Superyacht goes against the ‘bigger is more impressive’ yacht trend. From the slender 164 foot hull to the hybrid diesel-electric system, the Sabdes 50 is designed to be both luxurious and environmentally sensitive.

According to Sabdes Design

The SABDES 50’s dimensions are not extreme, by todays scale of Superyacht, but have been selected as they allow for an economic sized Superyacht, that reduces its impact on the environment, without sacrificing on style, safety, luxury, or performance.

Conceived by Australian Superyacht Stylist Scott Blee, the yacht is based around an advanced slender hullform with a reverse bow, offering superior seakeeping, minimised wave ‘slamming’, economical 25 knot performance, and long distance range. The hull design also will be optimised to have a minimal surface and hull wake, thus reducing its impact on sensitive marine life, as well as shoreline erosion.

The easily driven hull is propelled by a hybrid diesel-electric system, and offers a much higher cruise speed than an equivalent length displacement yacht. The propulsion system uses a shaft motor/generator designed to put surplus energy back into its battery banks. The yacht’s total power consumption will be kept to a minimum by careful consideration of every technical element throughout; for instance, the vessel will have LED lighting, there will be more reliance on natural cooling to support the air conditioning system, and insulation and window materials are carefully selected. At anchor or in port, silent running can be achieved, by switching off the generators and running on the main battery banks. The vessel also has the ability to silently manouver in and out of harbour, by using its retractable bow and stern thrusters for propulsion.

Source: Sabdes Design

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