The biofueled powered Earthrace set to break new records starting March 29th

The Earthrace multi-hulled boat, powered by 100% renewable biofuel, is probably the fastest, sleekest, and greenest vehicle ever built.

Earthrace is designed to educate people about the potential of biofuels as it tours over 100 cities around the world, then embarks on a record-setting journey to circumnavigate the globe and set a new speed record.

The Earthrace team recently announced the start of the speed-record setting journey attempt will start March 29th. The team is currently performing sea-trials for speed and efficiency after a major refit in Spain.

According to the Earthrace site…

Pete Bethune (the skipper of Earthrace – pictured below) said, “We are fully committed to beating the round the world speed record this time, and we do not intend to leave anything to chance. There have been five attempts, including our own first attempt last year, since the current record was set in 1998 and we will do everything we can to mark this tenth anniversary by beating it!”

The wave-piercing, three hull construction means the boat can cut through large seas at speed. Her design was aided with help from Italian firm, XC Engineering, who used their revolutionary ‘Flow 3D’ simulation technology to test the effects of the flow of water and variables such as pressure and force on the hulls.

Source: Earthrace

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